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  • Examination
  • Cleaning
  • Whitening
  • Filling
  • Crowns
  • Root canal treatments
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Dental Implants
  • bridges and denturs

*The costs cannot be estimated without a x-ray of the patient’s mouth by the specialists.

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Dental Implants

We proudly offer implants from world renowned and guaranteed brands and models.

Implant Phases

Phase I (Surgical placement of implant)

Phase II (Abutment and Crown)

Implant Phases

Phase I (Surgical placement of implant)

When performing an implant, there are generally two phases to the treatment. In phase 1 we will place the implant precisely where it needs to be to provide a strong, and well aligned support for the future abutment and crown. During this first phase, we will need to make sure there is no infection at the site, and also that there is sufficient bone.

Generally this can be accomplished in a short period of time, so your first visit need not be terribly long.

Phase II (Abutment and Crown)

When the implant has been in place long enough to become firmly established, we will then install an abutment, and crown. The abutment will be attached to the implant using a special torque screw type attachment. A new crown can then be custom made to fit over the abutment, and align with the adjacent teeth.

During this part of the procedure, we often need to allow a few days of healing for the gums before placing the crown. It’s recommended that you arrange a little more than a week if possible in order to ensure you will have enough time to correctly complete the procedures. Every person is slightly different in anatomy, rate of healing, thickness of gum etc. This can be a factor in the time required, and we always say it’s better to be safe with the time allotted.

Of course implants are a solution that will be a little more expensive than bridges, or partials. However, we have done everything possible to make the cost of the procedure more economical. Although it’s a US imported product, we have negotiated importation to keep our costs in line, and pass on the savings to you.


Treatment Prices : Implants

Treatment                                            MXN                        USD

Surgical Implant placement          $14 000                     $950

Implant Abutment and Crown      $ 13 000                    $850


We offer a variety of crown types. The previous “standard” was the PFM (porcelain fused to metal) crown. While it`s been around for years, and served us all well, there are new standards that provide better fit, and precision.

Zirconia crowns provide a better fit and finish than the PFM crowns because they`re precision cut using a special milling process. The finish appears more like real teeth, and less like traditional crowns.

Pure porcelain crowns are also available for situations where a smile makeover is more suited for pure porcelain.

Whatever your needs be, we can get the crowns built to your preference.

Treatment Prices : Crowns

Treatment                         MXN                   USD

PFM Crown                      $3500                 $250

Zirconia Crowns              $5000                $360

Pure Porcelain Crown     $5000               $360


dentures and bridges

Treatment Prices : Dentures

Treatment                            MXN          USD

Denture                                $5500         $400

Dentures – Set                     $11000        $800

Treatment Prices : Bridges

Treatment                      MXN              USD

PFM Bridge (3)            $10 500            $690

Zirconia Bridge (3)      $15 000            $1050

The prices shown here are for 3 tooth bridges. A three tooth bridge is needed when there is one tooth missing. The teeth on either side of the gap are called the abutments, and the span over the gap is called the pontic.

The prices shown include the preparation of both teeth on each side of the gap, as well as the lab work and cementation costs. In the event that tooth repair including root canals, posts, or reconstruction prior to crowning is required, these extra services would be separate.

For longer bridges, please ask for a quote.

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Our team of Dentists abroad is your best option for quality dental care and prices some people cannot afford a dental treatment in North America or Europe. We are here to guide you to fine you solution and in your serious decision making

Team Approach

– from cleanings and whitenings to complex surgeries and implants, our team has a dentist or specialist to handle any possible situation, and right here in house.

-Dedicated surgical room for implants and root canals.

-All digital Xray and Photo Imaging equipment.

-High Quality laboratory work.

-Visa, MC, AMEX accepted.

-MXN Pesos, USD dollars accepted.

– Interac Email money transfers accepted.

– Our invoices are accepted by most US and Canadian Insurance companies.

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